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Careful vehicle driver knows that maintenance is necessary to keep their metal companion fit and healthy. It is believed that maintenance is just an oil change, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, timing belt, etc. Keep reading about Champion Porsche Dealer For Best Maintenance Of Porsche Ferrari. Maintenance except lubricating and filling works, means a further control and diagnosis, adjusting, fixing, washing and cleaning and other work.

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Maintenance is carried out in order to increase the uptime of the car. Maintenance means the technical inspection of the most important components and units that are subject to wear, because in the process of exploitation going on different processes: permanent wear of rubbing surfaces of parts, broken parts, adjusting the parameters, systems, aging rubber and other products, and other natural phenomena in the drive.

What elements of the vehicle shall be subjected to maintenance?

Maintenance can be divided into inspection, diagnostics and repair of elements such as:

Engine – It is necessary to diagnose the entire engine, preferably using the original diagnostic stands.

Chassis – On the chassis must be carried out diagnostics, repair or exchange of transmission, wheel alignment, suspension, tire works.

Body – On examination of the body must conduct body repair, car make, color, removing rust, scratches, chips.

Electrical equipment car

  • Diagnostics and repair of electrical and electronic systems
  • Diagnostics and repair of automatic climate control systems
  • Repair of air conditioning systems
  • Installation of original accessories.

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Of course, the maintenance should be planned and should take place in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. The planned maintenance work will give a huge advantage to your car such as;

  • Extend the service life of components and assemblies of the car, which will reduce the cost of repair or replacement;
  • Prevent from more serious damage by timely detection and troubleshooting the vehicle;
  • Reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures of units and car parts;
  • Reducing the cost of running a car, save fuel , reduce tire wear, etc.;
  • Improve the safety of the driver and passengers.

However, some car owners or newbies often forget to perform maintenance, then sooner or later, some of the units of the car crashes. In such cases, noticing the seriousness and the cost of repairs to get back car in good condition, certain people are trying to sell the car, some try to repair the car on their own or some take it in the service station, and seek the necessary spare parts for repairs. Those who own new cars should perform maintenance work during the warranty period. Incurred during the warranty period faults, in case of a manufacturing defect, will be repaired free of charge, and defective parts and components are replaced with new spare parts.

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Champion MotorSport – Champion Porsche dealer Pompano Beach among the most reliable place for all types of Porsche and Ferrari parts sale, Porsche Wheels and service. Champion Motor Sport guarantees that you get the best maintenance for your exotic Porsche car.

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Buying A Car From Porsche Dealer Or On The Second Hand Market

Pre Owned Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale Review

There has been news making rounds between people who love cars about the expected launching of Porsche Panamera. Porsche did not want to release picture of the car yet for everybody to see, but contrary to their expectation, it escaped to the public. Everyone who is in love with Porsche car appreciated the new look in the new Porsche Panamera.  In this article, Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale review will be done.

Porsche lovers all around the world really love the new model car.  People who drive Porsche are also choosy as regards to the type of model they drive.  Some are familiar with the small but great models like Cayman and Boxters. 

Regrettably, a large number of people who love Porsche are discouraged by it.  They prefer to have a car with more space inside it so that all other members of their families can also sit comfortably inside the car. An example of Porsche car with enough space is the Porsche Cayenne which is a very large four x4 design model, but some people still feel that it is too big for them.  Some Porsche fan wanted a new model where there will be enough space combined with smooth compress design common with other models of Porsche. This explains the idea behind the new car, as explained in this Porsche Panamera review. Though, the car is a lot bigger and wider in the interior and it carries the active feel and operation of a normal Porsche sports car.  The wide space inside the car makes it possible for people to sit comfortably with their family members.

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The 4 door Porsche concepts appear to have been in existence since the 1980s.  When it was conceptualise at that time, it was not successful and made it past the planning stage.  The Porsche Panamera can successfully compete with cars like Mercedes CLS and Aston Martin Rapide which is yet to be released into the market. The Porsche Panamera’s body work look almost like that of the Sedan.  The only difference is that the Porsche Panamera has its engine located at the rear of the car which is the initial design of the 911 Carrera.  This type of body has really annoyed some Porsche lovers, but in recent designs, Porsche designers have made serious efforts to put the car engine very close to the middle of the vehicles. As explained in this Porsche Panamera review, the model consists of three engine alternatives for people who want Porsche to be the best car possible.

The search for used cars is constantly increasing in USA. Buying a used vehicle involves understanding that there will always be risks. With so much on offer models and different forms of payment, purchasing used car has become easier. Mostly people try to find vehicles with 10 thousand miles on, 100 000 or more. There are many options that can both reduce or increase the value of used car market.

Preowned Porsche

The process of buying a car in the showroom is significantly different from buying a car in the auto market. Buying a Porsche from a dealer means to receive all the necessary documents required for the registration of the car in the traffic police, buying insurance, and other procedures related to the commissioning of a new vehicle. Here are some tips to help you in buying a Preowned Porsche of any brand or model.

  • Before you forward any value, know the vehicle, this means checking all documentation so as to avoid tampering and future complications.
  • Take a test drive before you buy it. It does not mean you able to identify any problems with the test drive. In some cases, there’s no time to notice problems in the engine and transmission.
  • Research the prices in other locations. Some people ignore this tip, but buying a car in another city can often be advantageous.
  • The option of the loan with property guarantee or warranty of vehicle is good options with low interest rates to get a good trade value.
  • Heed all upcoming expenses. Remember that in addition to the installments you will have spent as fuel, oil change, any repairs because the car is used.
  • Stolen car – Porsche dealers already do this survey and guarantee the origin of vehicle to customer. But when purchasing from any private seller it is necessary to do verification: chassis number, glasses and plate.
  • Damaged Vehicle. Often, if the car had a very serious accident, not worth buying it. Accidents, even if repaired, usually decrease the value of a vehicle. Some left over scars can alert the buyer about future problems for example the doors do not close properly or the steering wheel pull to one side. Check this feed link
  • Check The Paint. Normally some patches cannot be seen on rainy days or due to the lack of illumination. Check the car on different days and locations to be sure of a good deal.
  • Mechanical and Interior. Check for oil leaks, the consistency of the oil, the air filter is clean, if the motor takes to work at the time of call and the exhaust fumes is dense. Hit the brakes with the car off. Then start the car and see if the pedal goes down and gives a bit. If this happens the brake is good.


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Champion Porsche offers a very viable option of lease for those who want to purchase Porsche. If you already have a car, you can use it as guarantee to get a loan and thus buy the new or Preowned Porsche. Or else, there are other ways of getting that loan, for example, with guaranteed property.

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