Choosing The Best Print SMS From Android App

Smartphones and tablets now offer more options over just small tools and games. More and more applications are finding their way to the small all-rounder, for previously a computer was always required. At present, using the right app, you can not only print Office documents, but also schedules, emails, SMS, web pages, call logs and more. Documents are transmitted directly or through parts of the printer. It all depends on whether the used app supports direct output to a printer.

In this article, I present you, in my opinion, some best print SMS apps before, that are used to print on a computer directly and without additional software.


Business CardsWith – an appropriate Office tool used to create and print so quickly small flyers, handouts, business cards or postcards in small editions. Another app TextMaker, which is now offered free for Smartphone.

Print SMS From Android

Print SMS is another well-recognized app, easily connect with almost all types of printers. I have an Epson Stylus Office BX635FWD printer in my office. Incoming invoices, order confirmations, offers, images and more I print directly from the e-mails on my phone. The printable formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOC, XSL, PPT, TXT and HTML. The respective driver packages are loaded on demand through the app. As well as printing SMS includes the connection to smartphones and tablets.

Support For Most Printer Functions

The print SMS app offers fullest possible support of all printer features. This includes the adaptation of document size, the collection, tray, borderless printing and duplex printing.

Who does not have a WiFi printer, still can print via Print SMS app. For this the respective printer needs only to be shared over the network and can be reached via the computer. The appropriate driver is provided directly by this app available for almost every printer type. If a printer does not support, then install a small software SMS Reader For PC, which can be found for free

About SMS Reader For PC

SMS reader for PC insignificantly differs from Print SMS, since both apps are free to use and offer several new features. The installation procedure is almost identical and support different document types. So the Print SMS app is my first choice.