The recurring issue of gum recession prompts concern and curiosity. Wondering why do my gums keep receding is a common query among many. Gum disease was linked to heart disease. You may not know this, but periodontal disease is experienced by the majority of Americans. Fluctuating hormone levels linked with pregnancy raise your susceptibility for gingivitis, and mothers with gingivitis are far more probable to provide birth prematurely. Diabetes will set you at a greater danger of developing gum disease, and that infection will then increase your blood sugar. Find more info about Can Gums Grow Back?

Tooth lightening is a procedure that “bleaches” the teeth, eliminating it of stains on the enamel as well as dentin to influence a lightening of any staining existing. A common tooth bleaching procedure uses carbamide peroxide poured over a personalized mouth-guard worn over the teeth.

What Is Tooth Staining?

Defining tooth staining relies on its lots of reasons and it is very important to compare an external as well as interior tarnish.

• external stains: cigarette, tea, coffee as well as juices like grape as well as apple, coffee, tea and also tobacco

• interior discolorations: excessive fluoride (during teeth formation), aging, trauma, nerve deneration, tetracycline (while teeth are developing).

Just specialist whitening procedures such as the custom tray lightening can remove both internal as well as outside discolorations. Non-prescription tooth bleaching products like toothpastes just eliminate the exterior spots.

why do my gums keep receding

That Can Go Through Tooth Lightening?

Any person can benefit from a tooth whitening treatment. A particular procedure though might be much less effective for some people. Individuals whose teeth are discolored by tetracycline could experience difficulty in attaining the wanted brightness. Individuals with veneers, crowns or fillings might also experience uneven brightness since these dental components do not whiten together with the remainder of the teeth.

Can An Expectant or Nursing Female Bleach Her Teeth?

It is suggested as well as dental professionals agree that a pregnant female and nursing mother need to prevent any kind of teeth lightening treatment. The reason for this exists’s no clinical researches done yet to discover the effects of the bleaching representatives to a lady’s health if she’s expectant or nursing.

Whys Are There Teeth That Do Not Whiten Equally With The Relax?

The sides of your teeth and also the biting sides whiten more quickly compared to the remainder. This is so because of the thicker enamel in these areas. Teeth with thicker enamel respond faster to the whitening agent than teeth with thinner enamel. Continue with your whitening procedure and the whiteness will level eventually.

why do my gums keep receding

Is Tooth Lightening Safe?

The most favored tooth bleaching treatment is the custom-fit tray bleaching that makes use of carbamide peroxide. This treatment, when done under the supervision of an oral healthcare professional or a dental practitioner, is risk-free. There’s no danger of the whitening agent damaging your teeth and also gum tissues. It likewise does not damage the enamel or trigger any kind of tooth weakening. The only short-term side-effect is tooth sensitivity which goes away rapidly when the procedure is stopped.

If your have anymore inquiries that concern you however are not gone over in this article, consult your dentist. The even more you find out about tooth lightening, the more positive you will certainly be of any kind of procedure you will choose.


In conclusion, the recurring issue of gum recession raises concerns about your oral health. Understanding the reasons behind why do my gums keep receding is vital for effective management. Factors such as poor oral hygiene, aggressive brushing, genetics, and gum disease can contribute to this problem. It is crucial to address these underlying causes to prevent further deterioration of gum tissue. Regular dental check-ups and adopting gentle oral care practices will play a pivotal role in halting and even reversing the recession process. By taking proactive steps and seeking professional guidance, you can safeguard your gum health and maintain a confident smile for years to come. Click here for more information

why do my gums keep receding